Miabella is SMUK London founder and creative director. 

As a Danish hairstylist and make up artist, Miabella has always wanted to create a beauty and lifestyle space where guests feel special and get the best treatment.

As UK Lead Educator for Oribe hair care. Miabella indulges her passion for high performance hair styling and training others in the industry. Miabella qualified as a hairstylist in Copenhagen and makeup artist in Los Angeles, California. She was also part of opening the Nicci Welsh Makeup and Hair Academy in Copenhagen. 

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Marie-Louise is SMUK's studio manager and looks after SMUK's marketing. She was born and raised in environmentally conscious Germany with a passion for multi-hyphenate creativity.


After graduating from UAL and working in the fashion industry, she transitioned into beauty working for Goop. With a passion for sustainability at heart, Marie loves to connect clients with clean, eco-friendly beauty choices to feel their best.


Christina is our receptionist at SMUK. With a great passion for beauty and client service,  combined with her eye for detail,  she always likes to deliver the best experience possible for each guest in our studio. 

" Being born and raised in Greece, surrounded by the infinite blue, I grew up with a connectedness and awareness for nature which made me conscious of  the importance of sustainability and taking care of our environment. These values are important for me to translate to the beauty industry." 


Irene is our head stylist. With many years of experience under her belt, she has built up a stellar reputation earning trust with her clients through her technical expertise and unwavering commitment to understand her clients wants and needs. .


‘Hair has always been my passion from a very young age, I believe that hairstyles are a representation of personality and a way of expressing one’s soul’.


Amanda is our principal stylist. She is passionate about soft blends and balayage with an eye for enhancing natural beauty. She has a wealth of experience accumulated over twenty years and three continents, including freelancing for the fashion industry in South Africa and running her own salon in Tel Aviv.

“My job is so much more than hair. I strive to connect with every person I meet, making them feel cared for and beautiful, inside and out.”


Agata is one of our principal stylists, her past experiences include setting up her own successful salon in her home town in Poland. Her strong passion for hair styling can be seen every day in the studio through her happy nature and motivation to always achieve the best results.

"My favourite part of the job is definitely the satisfaction of seeing a client happy, this is very rewarding and inspires and motivates me to continually increase

my creativity.


Sylwia is passionate about sustainability and organic products. With over a decade of experience in hairdressing, her flair for creating natural and effortless hairstyles has gained her loyal clientele. 

“I believe less is more. I love creating flattering looks that are easy to maintain.”


Mia Cecily is our 3rd Principal Stylist. Mia grew up in the sunny climes of environmentally-conscious Northern California.  Mia was a senior stylist for Vidal Sassoon, San Francisco before becoming creative director of Glasshouse, one of London’s first organic sustainable salons.

 “I’m dedicated to using organic hair products and sustainable practices to prove that beautiful aesthetics are attainable in an environmentally  friendly fashion.”


New Zealand born Ashleigh is our 4th principal stylist. Before arriving in London to further her creative approach to hairstyling, Ashleigh spent 4 years working for a top salon in Auckland.
She spent the past 4 years working for Glasshouse, one of London’s first sustainable organic salons in East London. 

I like to emphasise the importance of healthy hair and conscious beauty. Using natural but functional products makes a difference in the overall appearance and behaviour of the hair with minimal environmental impact.”


Craig has been a hairdresser for 35 years, starting as a salon assistant when he was just 16 years old.

He has progressed through hard work, dedication and education to attain such titles as Educator, Creative director and Salon owner.

Craig also currently works as an Educator travelling into Europe and teaching cutting and styling techniques at a Global academy here in London.

Craig is specialised in Cutting and Styling. 

"I am passionate about creating suitable, manageable shapes that emphasise individuality and femininity. I feel very privileged to be part of so many peoples lives in such a positive way."




Megan is a trained make up artist who has worked many years for a beauty counter  enhancing her love for beauty and clients. When she looked for a change she specialised in nails by training with Bio Sculpture combining her belief in cruelty- free beauty and gorgeous healthy  nails.

She is also an educator with the sought-after Navy Tools brand which are Yorkshire made professional nail tools. The brand encompasses British quality to end tools ending up in landfill. 


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