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Meet the wonderful stylists, colourists and bridal experts at SMUK London.  

Whether you want to visit us for a trim or a complete hair makeover, we will tailor every appointment to give you an experience that perfectly meets your needs.  We will enhance the natural beauty of your hair, using the latest techniques and the best haircare and styling products.  

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Miabella, owner of SMUK London Hairdressers in Belgravia


SMUK London Founder & Creative Director

Miabella, a Danish hairstylist and makeup artist with over 20 years experience, has long envisioned a beauty and lifestyle space where guests feel truly special and receive top-notch service. When she's not jet-setting to fashion capitals like Paris, New York, and Copenhagen for shows or educating Europe's elite salons, you'll find her behind the chair in her studio.

Specialising in natural Scandi blondes, seamless hair extensions, and crafting unique event and bridal looks, she strives to create memorable experiences for her clients by embracing their natural beauty.

Since opening her studio in 2018, Miabella has faced numerous challenges, including starting a business, navigating a pandemic, and balancing motherhood with running a thriving establishment in London's prestigious Belgravia neighbourhood. Despite the hurdles, her dedication, supported by mentors, friends, family, partners, and her outstanding team, has led to the success of SMUK London.

Behind the scenes, there have been tears and sleepless nights, but also laughter and cherished moments with everyone involved. Miabella extends heartfelt gratitude to her wonderful guests, whose support has turned her dream into reality.


SMUK London Studio Manager

Sophia, the Operations Manager of SMUK London, brings a wealth of experience and a unique background to her role. Sophia has worked as a fashion photographer and creative producer. Her keen eye for detail and passion for sustainability drive her commitment to providing SMUK guests with exceptional experiences.

As the driving force behind SMUK and Miabella's right-hand woman, Sophia embodies a dedication to customer service that goes above and beyond. Treating every guest and team member like family, she ensures that everyone who walks through the doors of SMUK leaves feeling beautiful inside and out. Always available to assist with enquiries and bookings, Sophia's caring, serious, and loyal nature shines through in every interaction.

Beyond her role at SMUK, Sophia is a professional musician and world traveler, having visited more than 20 countries. Her diverse background and experiences enrich her ability to connect with guests on a personal level, much like catching up with old friends.

With Sophia at the helm, SMUK London continues to thrive as a beacon of beauty and hospitality in the heart of the city.



SMUK Front of House Co-ordinator

Meet our Front of House co-ordinator Agnes who cannot wait to welcome you into SMUK.  Agnes is here to ensure you enjoy a wonderful experience during your time in our friendly and professional hygge salon. She started at SMUK London in 2024, moving from the hotel industry to the beauty and hairdressing industry because her boss trusted her potential. 

What do you love about your job?  I like being surrounded by people, I like the energy of the salon and the fact that no two days are the same.  I have always been interested in makeup, styling and fashion.

What is your ultimate ambition? To love my job so much that I don't feel like I'm working. To feel my job has some purpose.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?  Ambitious, creative and dependable.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others.  I am a girl with many passions. I completed a makeup course and when I came to London we helped students with photography with makeup. Plus, during the lockdown, I spent 9 months making various types of DIY projects.



Head Stylist & Colourist

Meet our Head Stylist Irene who has spent 30 years in the hairdressing industry.  She has international experience and adopts a holistic approach to styling to make people look and feel SMUK (beautiful) inside and out.  She is available at SMUK London on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

What do you love about your job? Using my craft to make people feel empowered and at their best.

Which hairstyles do you love to create? I love working with all kinds of hair, respecting hair texture and enhancing natural features.

Who or what inspires you to create great hair?  I am always inspired by nature’s colours, forms and textures.

What is your ultimate ambition? My ultimate goal is to keep enjoying the journey.

How would you describe yourself... in 3 words? Detail oriented - Perceptive- Italian 

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others. I recently graduated as a shiatsu therapist. I am forever fascinated by everything that is body/mind related.



Head Stylist

Sergio Giannasso has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and he loves it still like is his first day! Sergio has been working in various platforms from being a session stylist to be an educator, owning his own business and being a make up artist. Each experience made him the stylist he is now and his passion for it still stands strong!

Sergio will be working in SMUK every other Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/every other Friday and every other Saturday - usually 11am to 7pm.

Which service do you love doing?  I don’t believe in trends but I love creating bespoke styles and colours combining various them to achieve a look that is unique to my clients that flatters and beautifies them. 

What do you love about your job? Having the power of making my clients feel happy and confident! Also I love the  social aspect of my job and the connection that I create  with my clients.

What inspires you to create fabulous hair? I let my clients inspire me and my in-depth consultation and key to this. Social media and magazines also inspire me to try new styles and techniques.

What is your ultimate ambition?  To be never being forgotten by my clients and my colleagues.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?  Skilled, experienced, social and, if I could have a fourth one, fabulous!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others. I was in an experimental course in my A levels, studying Chemistry for 5 years.


Principal Stylist & Colourist

Say hello to our Principal Stylist Amanda who has been doing hair for over 20 years and in three different countries. You can find Amanda at SMUK London on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am till 5pm.

Which styles or colours do you love doing? My passion is soft, blended highlights and balayage. I love to enhance the natural colour whilst still maintaining a gentle and natural-looking aesthetic.

What do you love about being a hairdresser? The thing I love most is connecting with different women from around the world. Doing hair for me is an act of service that is extremely gratifying. It is so much more than just hair, it is how we feel about ourselves. I am deeply grateful for the trust my clients give to me.

Who or what inspires you to create fabulous hair?  The woman in front of me is my muse!

What is your ultimate ambition? When it comes to my hair career I am exactly where I want to be, so my aim is to continue to learn and grow and connect with the beautiful people around me.

How would you describe yourself... in 3 words? Passionate, ambitious and loving.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others. I have a business that I’m growing alongside my hair career called Cosy London. We make beautiful eye masks for sleep from organic and sustainable materials.



Principal Stylist & Colourist

Agata is one of our principal stylists. Her past experiences include setting up her own successful salon in her home town in Poland. Her strong passion for hair styling can be seen every day in the studio through her happy nature and motivation to always achieve the best results.

​"My favourite part of the job is definitely the satisfaction of seeing a client happy, this is very rewarding and inspires and motivates me to continually increase my creativity," says Agata.




Michael began hairdressing in 1991 and has spent the past 30 years honing his craft in independent West End salons. He is known for his eye for detail, meticulous technique, instinctively creating the best shades to suit your style.  He works on Mondays 10am - 6pm, Tuesdays 10am - 7pm, Fridays 10am - 7pm and Saturdays 10am - 7pm.

Which service do you love doing?  I love creating highlights. In my opinion, you can’t beat natural-looking highlights. 

What do you love about your job?  I love meeting people from all walks of life. 

What inspires you to create fabulous hair?  I just want my clients to leave the salon happy!

What is your ultimate ambition?  I am already living the dream, I love London.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?  Eye for detail. 

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise others.  I nearly trained as a pro scuba diver.


Stylist & Colourist

Meet our Hair Stylist & Colourist Natasha who has more than 20 years' hairdressing experience, working in the Covent Garden area of London.  Book an appointment with Natasha at SMUK London on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 10am till 5pm.

Which styles or colours do you absolutely love doing? I like gents' cutting and especially love to cut bob style haircuts and do highlights.

What do you love about being a hairdresser? I love seeing guests leave the salon happy and confident with a haircut or colour that they can recreate and maintain at home. 

Who or what inspires you to create fabulous hair?  London life inspires me. Every day you see so many different walks of life. 

Which hairstyles do you love to create? Highlights - you can’t beat natural-looking highlights.

What is your ultimate ambition? To keep growing and making people happy. 

How would you describe yourself... in 3 words? Thoughtful, professional, caring.


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