Let's make those changes this Earth Day

Making small changes to our daily lifestyle can have a big impact on the environment. We often do not think about the small choices we make and forget the after effects of those choices. For example, not carrying a reusable cloth bag to the supermarket and buying single-use plastic bags can lead to the formation of a big landfill that chokes the planet and its creatures. The fashion and beauty industries are no different, they are major contributors to environmental degradation all over the world. Be it due to the heavy use of harmful chemicals or excessive use of water or production of harmful greenhouse gasses. These industries have a great direct impact on the environment because of the packaging practices that heavily rely on plastic and the lack of reusable and recyclable alternatives.

We at SMUK look to change that and do our part for our environment by being sustainable in everything we do. Be it the use of sustainable brands or the eco-friendly floor practices, we are a sustainable beauty and hair salon through and through. To give you a glimpse, we work with products from O-way, a sustainable brand that converted all their Agri cosmetic containers into glass bottles and aluminium tubes, the first to do so in the professional cosmetics sector. They ship them inside boxes of the right size, forgoing over-packaging without giving up on protecting the content. Use only produces ultra-concentrated formulas with a very high percentage of plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. New bottles of the product come with an aluminium lid missing the pump encouraging customers to use the old pump and forgo the use of plastic.

Oribe is another brand we work with that strongly believes in big hair-and a small carbon footprint.