Goal Setting & Gratitude Workshop

Goal Setting and Gratitude Workshop at top London Hair Salon

SMUK Life: 2024 Goal Setting and Gratitude Workshop for Women with Beth O'Neill Coaching, sponsored by The Five Minute Journal

Wed, 24 Jan 2024 08:45 - 10:00

Join us at SMUK London for an inspiring morning workshop for women focused on goal-setting and gratitude. Facilitated by Beth O'Neill, ICF-qualified life and leadership coach and co-founder of SMUK London, this in-person gathering will provide practical tools and your own copy of The Five Minute Journal (retail price £27) to help you set meaningful goals, practice gratitude, and boost productivity and wellbeing this year. See more about the Five Minute journal here.

Is this you?

Do you live or work in London?
Do you struggle to set goals?
Do you struggle to achieve goals?
Do you want help to achieve success in your personal and professional life this year?

If so, take this as your sign to come and connect with like-minded women, discover the power of coaching, positive intention, gratitide and community and take action this year.

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