Empowering Women in Leadership

Empowering Women in Leadership at SMUK London event

SMUK Life: International Women's Day Empowering Women in Leadership

Wed, 6 Mar 2024 08:30 - 10:00 

SMUK Life: Empowering Women in Leadership, in recognition of International Women's Day - with gifts from Recognised and Biscuiteers

Join us at SMUK London for a practical workshop to feel empowered as a female leader (or future leader) empower others and network with like-minded women.

Facilitated by Beth O'Neill, Life and Leadership coach and Co-Founder of SMUK, this in-person gathering will provide the 5 Pillars of Leadership to help you flourish as a female leader.

When more women are empowered to lead, everyone benefits.

Is this you?

Are you a female leader or aspiring leader?
Do you want to have more clarity, influence and confidence in your role?
Do you want to make a greater impact on your team and organisation?
If so, take this as your sign to come, connect and learn from women from all different backgrounds, discover the power of a coaching approach to leadership and feel empowered to lead yourself and others well.

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