Indulge in luxury without compromising your values, thanks to our thoughtful brand partnerships.  SMUK London is committed to sustainability and strives to minimise our ecological impact on the planet by working with and using eco-friendly and ethically sourced products.  Every step we take is a commitment to a greener future and we are proud to partner with industry leaders who share our vision. These include Oway, Oribe, Green Salon Collective, ECOHEADS, Scrummi, Foil Me, and our sustainable dried flowers and plants from Blooming Flair.

We are also keen to hear from individuals and companies interested in partnering with us. 

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The Oway brand is fully committed to creating organic, eco-sustainable and cruelty-free hair colour, haircare and styling products. 

Packed with botanical extracts and essential oils, Oway's shampoos, conditioners and styling sprays are crafted with the purest ingredients sourced from biodynamic farms. What does this mean for you? It means that you get to enjoy haircare products that are not only effective but also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Every item in Oway's range is a testament to the power of nature, helping you achieve the hair you desire while nourishing it with the goodness of organic ingredients.

When it comes to hair colour, the organic Oway colour system is full of botanical and biodynamic ingredients which beautiful hues of colour. It is also free from ammonia, PEGs, petrolatium, artificial colour and synthetic fragrance. 

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organic hair colour at SMUK Salon in Belgravia
haircuts and styles at eco-conscious hairdressers in Belgravia


The high-performance luxury haircare range from Oribe aligns with many of our values including being cruelty-free, using mainly naturally derived ingredients, and being free from paraben and sodium chloride.

Oribe never tests on animals and is a proud member of the Beauty Without Bunnies Program created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

By avoiding sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals, Oribe also ensures that its products are effective and gentle on the hair and scalp.

SMUK London also offers customised Oribe Renewal Remedies - wonderful hair treatments that are tailored by your stylist according to your specific hair needs - to deliver hair that is healthy and strong.  


SMUK London and our lovely guests are making a conscious effort to reduce and recycle salon waste so we are delighted to be partnered with Green Salon Collective who recycle our waste hair, metals, empty colour tubes, chemicals, plastic, and paper. 

These items are cleverly recycled by Green Salon Collective. For example, waste hair is gathered in booms which can absorb up to 4 litres of oil from the ocean to protect wildlife.

Hair can also be used as mats over drains to stop plastics and waste from running into the drainage system.  Waste plastics and metals are made into combs, colour bowls and other useful salon products.


Waste recycling at SMUK Salon in London
Showpony hair extensions at SMUK Hairdressers Belgravia London


Showpony is committed to ensuring its hair extensions and business practices embody ethical and moral principles.  Like us here at SMUK London, they strongly believe that no one should be forced to sell their precious locks against their will so all hair donations are given willingly and with full consent.

The Showpony Ethical Sourcing Agreement reflects their commitment to fair trade policies and ethically sourced hair extensions. The agreement outlines the rigorous standards and protocols they follow to ensure products sold by Showpony are manufactured in safe working conditions.

The Ethical Sourcing Agreement covers labour, working conditions, environmental protection, business protection, compliance with the law of the country the supplier operates in, and management systems. 


It's often the little touches that people remember, which is part of the reason we love partnering with Foil Me.

Foil Me create beautiful hair foils that are made from recycled aluminium and can be recycled again! We use these foils in our hair colouring services to add blonde highlights or a lovely natural balayage effect.   

These unique and environmentally-friendly foils come in a myriad of sizes, unique alloy composition, colours, and hand-drawn designs too!  Pretty, useful and kind to the environment - which makes them the perfect solution for our eco-conscious colourists at SMUK London.

Recycled hair salon materials at SMUK London in Belgravia
Energy saving water at SMUK London hygge studio


As a hair salon, we want to help the environment without compromising on the quality of our service to our valued guests.  That's why we have made the backwash experience as relaxing as possible with our comfy chairs, while also reducing water and energy usage!

Our partnership with ECOHEADS means our shower heads deliver better results while using less of our resources.  They reduce water and energy usage by up to 65%, offering increased water pressure and filtered, clean water (removing sediment, rust and sand). 

Negative ions soften the water to smooth the hair cuticle which ensures your hair feels fabulous after your hair wash and cleanse.  

Come and enjoy the comfort of our salon services and join us in reducing our environmental footprint through the many eco-conscious decisions we have made.



Scrummi has been on a green mission since day one, crafting biodegradable, single-use towels that help you and our planet! 

At SMUK we are reducing our impact on the environment by using biodegradable single-use towels. They are just as effective as the towels people put in their washing machines but have much less impact on the environment.

Scrummi has reduced the hair and beauty industry’s impact on the environment by more than 38 million litres of chemically contaminated water and 2729 tons of C02 emissions so far. 

Biodegradable towels at SMUK London Hairdressers
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The stunning dried flower installations from Blooming Flair not only enhance our beautiful and luxurious studio, but are also long-lasting and sustainable.

We absolutely love it when Blooming Flair owner and designer Maya visits SMUK London to create one of her beautiful displays. 

There are no limits to what she can create, using subtle or bright colours to bring our wonderful hygge spaces to life.  

We know we can also always call on Maya at the Blooming Flair team to join us if our bride-to-be guests are looking for some inspiration for their wedding bouquets and floral displays.