Paper Not Foil: Why SMUK London Made the Switch

Paper Not Foil Why SMUK London Made the Switch 1On average, a hair salon throws away almost 2KM of aluminium tin foil per month. Sadly, over 99% of salons do not recycle this foil and so it ends up in landfill sites where it takes up to 400 YEARS to degrade. This shocking statistic lead to our investigation and discovery of ‘Paper Not Foil’, the first truly sustainable alternative to using foil in hair salons.

Paper Not Foil Why SMUK London Made the Switch 1 2Paper Not Foil is both recyclable and can be reused up to 3 times. It is made from recycled industrial scraps and degrades with no toxic waste. Furthermore, it is extremely energy efficient, taking 96% less energy to produce than aluminium foil. Finally, no water is used in the manufacturing process aiding towards the improvement of global water wastage.

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