Conscious business in action: 5 changes SMUK London has made to be more environmentally friendly.

Sadly, you only have to walk outside to see the impact that climate change is having on our planet. In London this summer, we’ve seen record-breaking temperatures that scientists warn will soon become the new norm as carbon emissions continue rising. This worrying news is replicated around the world; this week alone, serious fires in the amazon are causing huge environmental concerns and global water waste is reportedly at an all-time high, largely due to our fast consumption rates. It is clear that these problems are an emergency that we must all collectively change.

These are 5 of the changes we’ve placed in the SMUK London studio in Belgravia to aid the movement towards a cleaner, safer future:

Conscious business in action 11. Ecoheads

When first creating the studio, SMUK London invested in ecoheads, an environmentally friendly alternative to the common showerhead taps used in hair salons for washing hair. Made out of recycled plastic, ecoheads are designed to reduce both water and energy usage by up to 65%.

Conscious business in action 22. Paper Not Foil

Paper Not Foil is the first truly sustainable alternative to using aluminium foil when highlighting hair. It is made from industrial scraps and degrades with no toxic waste. Furthermore, no water is used in the manufacturing process. Check out our more detailed post about why we chose to make this switch here.

Conscious business in action 33. Reducing Plastic

As a business, we encourage staff and clients to reduce their plastic bottle buying through our installation of the smart tap that releases filtered, sparkling and boiling water. We do not provide any plastic cups and instead, have a beautiful collection of Danish cups and glasses from ‘Ditte Fischer Copenhgaen’ that can be reused over and over whilst also aiding in giving the studio a ‘hygge’ vibe.

4. Fairtrade Products

The ground coffee and tea bags used in SMUK London’s studio are all fairtrade certified to ensure that we are doing our bit to contribute towards sustainable development for producers around the world by enabling fairer trading conditions and environmental protection.

Conscious business in action 45. Oway Partnership

We are proud to have recently partnered with Oway (organic way), a brand that has similar values to SMUK London and is focused on developing eco-sustainable, high quality, organic hair care products. They are committed to fairtrade and have used recycled materials to make all their eco-certified packaging. 

We’d love to hear what changes you’re making in your life to try and lead a more conscious life? Let us know in the comments below!