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Do you sometimes look at pictures of the latest trends and wonder how you can do them yourself?

Do you get that frustrated feeling when you can't quite get that perfect eyeliner look?

Or perhaps you just need a few beauty and hair tips to make your everyday life easier?


We’d like to show you how to love your natural hair and embrace your beautiful features

with one of our beauty and hair workshops.





Do you find it difficult to manage your work-life balance? 

Would you like to learn more about rebalancing, relaxation and meditation?


SMUK London is the right place for you: Every year, Danes top the surveys measuring each nation's happiness levels. 

Hygge is the Danish way of life and our founder, Miabella Ristorp knows a great deal of that life

which she and her compatriots are happy to share in a number of workshops which we host.


Follow us to be informed of the next workshop panel.


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