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Our Hygiene & Safety procedures


We are reopening soon: Here is what you need to know


We want to sincerely thank you for your patience during this challenging time. We’re excited to announce that from 4th of July 2020, we will be welcoming you back in to our London Belgravia's studio. 


SMUK London have been working hard preparing for our reopening where the health, safety & well-being of our guests, staff and community are the most priority.​

We’ve introduced new measures so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable hair and beauty experience.​

Please read carefully before your next visit at SMUK London:


  • Social distance 

To ensure a safe experience for yourself and others we ask that if you can, please come alone. Only bring one other person from the same household, if you need special assistance or if you need to bring your infant with you.


We usually love to welcome our dog friends but we kindly ask you, for the time being, to leave your lovely friend at home.


Keep a 2 meter social distance between yourself and others in the studio. The only exception is the stylist/therapist providing your service, who will be wearing a face shield.


  • Come prepared

For yours and others safety, it is mandatory that you wear a mask for your appointment. Should you come without a mask our team will make sure to provide you with a mask before entering our studio. There might be a small extra fee added to your bill. 


  • On your visit

Waiting area:

To protect our staff in the studio, we kindly ask you to wait by the door until a member of staff is ready for you. Our waiting area will be out of use. Please show up for your appointment at the specific time and wait outside. We will call you in once the stylists/therapists are ready for you. If we for any unforeseen reason are running late we will be in touch to inform you.



For the time being we will not be able to look after your belongings under your visit. We also do not allow bags and coats to be lying around in the studio. 

Therefore please wear a minimum outerwear and only bring a small handbag if needed. If you should need to bring a jacket/coat, we encourage you to bring a small tote bag to keep it in under your visit. 



For your safety, for the time being, there will be no magazines allocated and no beverages served. Should you wish to, we encourage you to support our neighbours at ‘Wild by Tart’ or ‘Morena’ to grab your drink before arriving. Please do not bring food. 



For longer appointments we allow toilet usage. Which will be sanitised regularly by our team members. We kindly ask you to use allocated sanitising spray on the toilet seat, tap and door handles. 


  • Extra cleaning and safety precautions​

​As you might expect, we'll be doing extra scrubbing, cleaning, and sterilising to make the whole 

studio as safe as possible for you. 

Hand sanitisers will be stationed throughout the studio. We ask you to use when entering and throughout your visit. 


For all appointments we are using disposable towels, gloves and gowns. 


There will be social distance between every client.


15 mins gap time will be scheduled between every client to ensure no cross over appointments. This time is also to sanitise every station, sterilise equipment, for the stylists/therapists to change gloves/wash hands and prepare for the next visit. 


  • Payments

We will only accept cashless payments to reduce the amount of contact between you and our co-workers. ​

A PPE fee will be added on every bill to cover the costs of safety procedures. 


  • Disclaimer

We are asking every client to sign a waiver form before every appointment.


  • Cancellation policy & Deposit:

Due to the high demand in appointments, please make sure to cancel your booking 48 hours before. Failure to do so will result in a charge of 50% of your booking amount.  

  • Opening hours 

We have decided to extend our opening hours to ensure social distance, appointments spread out on more days and to serve as many as possible after a long closure.

Our extended hours will be: 

  • Monday 9am - 8pm

  • Tuesday 9am - 8pm

  • Wednesday  9am - 8pm

  • Thursday 9am - 8pm

  • Friday 9am - 8pm

  • Saturday 10am - 7pm

  • Sunday : By appointment only.

We've missed you and can't wait to make you SMUK!!!


Miabella Ristorp.

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